East Coast Multi-DF  Noticeboard   
Orienteering using radio direction finding .

  Multi-DF - the detail
Ten radio transmitters (Txs) are hidden within 1Km of the start. 
Directional radios are used to locate the Txs.

Yes there are ten did you miss the Ghost?

Sounds easy, well  it would be if it were not for the fact that radio waves can  be distorted by the surroundings; this adds to the fun and challenge!

The actual transmitters are well hidden but within three metres a 'Triffid' may be found ......    if you look really hard!

You will be given a 'Dibber' at the start, within 10 seconds of you inserting it in the Triffid's mouth there will be a bright flash telling you points have been awarded  - and points mean prizes!

WHY?   Some enjoy the walk in pleasant countryside getting a buzz from tracking down our own special 'plants' the Triffids.
You can borrow equipment or you may wish to make your own so that you can experiment and try to come up with the ultimate Triffid detector!.
For the competitive, a multi-level game has been constructed where the winning strategy is never the same and can keep you entertained for years.
On the following pages and in the linked reports you will find loads of complicated sounding information BUT you don't need to read any of that now,  just come along and someone will explain what you need to know to get started and, if you wish, walk around with you until you have gained some confidence..  

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