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Sunday Multi,  Sunday Trad,   Wednesday Trad,   Friday Trad.

See here for Ian's document which suggests possible dates, they will be entered below as people volunteer to run them.
Main DF  Page Results BTB DF A EC MDF  Multi- Noticeboard
Wed 14 Feb ? Chelm 1
Sun 11 or 18 Feb ? Snowman - Trad  
Fri 23 Feb ? Colch 1
Sun 8 Apr Multi-1 
Sun 22 Apr Q1 
Sun 13 May Q2 
Sun  20 May Multi-2
Sun 3 June Q3
Sun 10 June Multi-3
Sun 24 June Q4  
Sun 8 July Q5
Sun 22 July Multi-4
Sun 29 July Q6 
Sun 12 Aug Q7 
Sun 19 Aug Multi-5
Sun 2 Sept Q8  
Sun  9 Sept Multi-6
Sun 23 Sept Nat Final 
Sun 7 Oct Multi-7
Sun 21 Oct Mid Essex
TBA 27? Oct Triple Night Mid Thames
Sun 11  Nov Multi-Spare